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Copy of Copy of Tarot Guidance and Distance Reiki Healing

Tarot readings available via video call, telephone or email.  Tarot Tuition available via video call.

£35 – 60 minute tarot reading 

£30 – 3 Question email reading

£25 – 40 minute tarot reading  

£20 – 2 Question email reading

£10 – 1 Question email reading

£35 – 60 minute tarot tuition lesson 

Download our Customer Information Leaflet here: Capricorn Reiki Information Brochure

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£35 – 60 minute distance Reiki session

£175 – 6 x 60 minute distance Reiki sessions for the price of 5

My online and telephone tarot readings are as high quality, in-depth and intuitive as a face to face reading would be.  There is no need to worry that by having your reading remotely it means you are compromising on quality.

Your Tarot Tuition will be on a 1:1 basis via video call.  We will discuss your tarot journey and develop a bespoke programme to suit your needs.

Reiki is a non-invasive healing treatment and physical contact or proximity need not be a barrier to someone receiving healing.  The practitioner, once connected to the Universal Life Force Energy, can provide Reiki healing at a distance, meaning the recipient can stay in the comfort of their own home to receive their healing.  The reason this is possible is that we are all comprised of energy and we all have an energetic field that connects us to the universe.  We can connect with each other through our energetic frequencies and vibrations.

I am based in Kent, therefore I have great transport links, so if you are looking to hold a party or event and want something unusual for your guests to enjoy then I could help. Please contact me through the contact page to discuss availability and prices.

Reiki is not a cure all and should never be used as a replacement for medicine and treatment prescribed by your doctor.