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Unboxing the Light Seers Tarot

So I am very excited to have finally received my Light Seers Tarot deck by Chris-Anne.

Below is my unboxing video, however, if you are unable to watch then please read the unboxing article under the video.

Watch this video on YouTube.

This beautiful deck features all of our Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards re-designed with a gorgeous modern take.

Whilst the desk is based on the traditional Rader-Waite deck with regards to meanings and representation, it has wonderful and unique artwork which draws you in to the card and lights up your intuition like a beacon.

As an example of what I mean, take The High Priestess. In the tradition RW deck we see her sat with her Torah on her lap between the pillars of Solomon’s temple in front of a beautiful veil covered in images of pomegranates, wearing her crown, the moon at her feet. In the Light Seers Tarot we have a beautiful woman who looks like her eyes are closed in meditation. She wears the crescent moon as a head dress and a vibrant blue scarf decorated with small pomegranates, beads and a cross, with the colours almost looking like water. The background consists of an aqua coloured material with a blaze of violet and wisps of light through the middle towards her crown chakra. This blaze of colour splits the aqua colour in to two, creating the effect of the pillars and veil in the original RW deck.

The quality of the deck I feel is very good. The cards are an even size, the finish is nice and smooth, the card stock doesn’t feel flimsy and cheap and the guidebook that came with the deck is actually very good. It has some tarot spreads within it and also detailed descriptions for the upright and reversed cards, or light seer and shadow seer as they describe it. The box it was presented with is brilliant, sturdy cardboard and not just a flimsy card pack.

Overall I am really very happy with this deck and absolutely cannot wait to start working with it!

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