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The Horseshoe Tarot Spread

The Horseshoe Tarot spread is one of my favorites.  It provides almost as much information as the Celtic Cross but it is not as complicated and I find it also doesn’t overwhelm the querrent as much with the amount of information given to them.

This very simple spread can provide a wealth of information for your querrent.

To me, the most interesting card of all of them is card 4, their attitude towards the situation.  In exploring this card deeply the self-realisation for the querrent can really empower them.  Often times a question asked isn’t really the root of the issue and it helps the querrent to see this. 

In the same way the Celtic Cross provides external influences and challenges, so does the Horseshoe.  This can advice the querrent of any potential external forces, that they can’t control, but can at least be aware of.  It also gives them action to take around the challenges, and therefore empowers them to move forward towards the outcome they desire.

I hope that you’ve found this useful!


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