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My Most Common Requests

My Most Common Requests

Hi Everyone!

This week I thought I would explain what my most common requests for readings are.

Romance, love, relationships; this is definitely the most popular topic I am asked to read for.

Reading for relationships can be a tricky business.  The reason for this is unfortunately not all the client’s are going to get the answers they are wishing to receive.

Delivering the message from the cards needs to be done in a gentle, tactful way in order you don’t cause hurt to your sitters with the message given.  It’s really sad, and difficult, when this is the situation, especially as I am the type of person who wants to be able to deliver good news all the time.  This unfortunately is just a part of being a tarot reader, and the most important skill to learn here is compassion.  Think about how you would like this type of information delivered to you and then try to provide that to your client.

Fortunately this isn’t the case with every reading and so I am able to confirm, empower and provide help to a lot of people looking for love.

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