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How I set myself up for a reading

Hi Everyone,

Before I start, I just want to say that it is really important to confirm that you don’t need to do anything like what I do below to do a tarot reading.  You only NEED two things to do a reading, you and a tarot deck.  The crystals, candles, music, whatever, they aren’t essential in a tarot reading.  If you want to start reading for yourself then please don’t feel that you need to go to great lengths to set up your space and create rituals in order to do this. 

I thought it would be nice to share with you my process for setting myself up for a tarot reading, whether that is for clients or for myself.

When I am setting up for a reading the first thing I do is to make sure that my physical space is ready for the reading.  I will make sure everything is clean, I’ve got all the crystals I want to have around me for the reading, that I have the candles I like to use for the reading, I have my cards, my cloth and most importantly my pen and notebook.

I’ll set up my cloth, candles, crystals and get my cards out ready.  I quite often put a little music on, just because I don’t like complete silence, but it will be something calming and normally without lyrics.

I’ll sit myself down, get comfortable and prepare myself to set up my mental/spiritual space.

To do this I just close my eyes, take a couple of breaths in through my nose, out through my mouth, releasing any tension and stress as I do so.  To clear my mind of whirling thoughts I will envision a bright white light coming down from the sky, connecting with my crown chakra, filtering down through my body, down into the ground beneath me, deep into the earth.  If I still have some errant thoughts then I use my mental broom to sweep them all away, just like I would with a dusty floor.

Once I’ve done this and I feel ready to proceed, I’ll then give my deck a little cleanse, 3 little taps on the tabletop or with my fingers, just to release any energies lingering from my last reading.

After this I’ll perform the reading.

I always have my pen and notebook ready.  I like to write down my question, the spread I want to use and then make a note of the cards drawn, their individual interpretations during the reading and then a summary.  The act of writing for me is a free-flowing process, I am able to just get those intuitive messages straight out on to paper.  It’s also great because after a month or two you can go back to that reading to see what happened regarding your question and see if the interpretations mirror your experience. 

So, I hope that this gives you some insight in to my Tarot preparations, I’m sure that many of you have your own rituals for reading Tarot that you find just as great for putting you in the best space possible ready to receive those messages.

Love and light to you all!


Owner of Capricorn Tarot

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