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End of Year Reflection

As the end of 2020 approaches, (or the year of The Tower as I’ve renamed it), and with Christmas upon us, I wanted to share my reflections on what has been a crazy year. 

Capricorn Tarot was launched late February 2020 so that I could bring Tarot guidance to those who needed it and help other Tarot practitioners with free resources to assist in their journeys.  With the news COVD-19 being a slight worry, it certainly wasn’t even on my radar as something that could potentially derail this endeavour.  My hopes for the business were for exponential growth, a blossoming customer base, developing a brilliant connection with likeminded individuals and to master the beast that is marketing (who was I kidding!).  I think I was being naive and optimistic, but then there is nothing wrong with that! 

On a personal level I was going to be able to become my own boss by the end of 2020, I would be able to support our lifestyle, save, share life with our family and friends, explore new places and undertake some more courses.  A lot of that didn’t happen unfortunately, and what did happen was a strange parody of what I had hoped for.

During the year I have busied myself learning how to use website software, graphic design software, marketing tools, web optimisation tools, I even completed my Reiki Master course enabling me to bring to you Capricorn Tarot & Reiki Healing.  I have learned a lot about networking, business planning and business development, (the internet is a fabulous tool for an intrepid business owner such as myself).   I haven’t yet managed to master even the basics of marketing and have a full, newfound respect for this area of business which I always thought was too much fun to be hard work.  I apologise to any previous colleagues who I used to joke about this with, I now understand and will tuck into my humble pie. 

We even managed to get in a few paranormal investigations, our absolute favourite hobby, with the fantastic Ghost Hunt Events who we volunteer with.  Due to COVID-19 rules and restrictions any exploration and family gatherings we had planned evaporated, which I think has been one of the hardest adaptations of all for us.

Sadly, towards the middle of the year we found ourselves redundant from our “day jobs”, the money I had hoped to put into the business for projects was gone and so was our financial security.  This meant a mad scramble for a temporary job, which I secured, but like so many other people, my husband hasn’t been so lucky.  The focus on business had to change, but it hasn’t stopped, Capricorn Tarot & Reiki Healing remains open for business, providing readings remotely or distance Reiki healing, the events that I was due to attend have been rearranged for Summer 2021 and I am busy planning new content and looking into new options for business operation.  I am acutely aware that I am in a blessed position in comparison to others, but I have kicked myself over my bad timing for launching the business in 2020. 

We are also blessed in many other ways thankfully.  Our families remain healthy, our friends remain healthy, our relationships remain strong despite enforced separations, we have a roof over our heads, food to eat, heating and clean water, our cars, the internet, our possessions, our pets.

It is in reminding ourselves of our blessings, what good things we have in our lives, that we help ourselves during difficult circumstances.  Even in the bleakest of days, with the weight of the world is on our shoulders when we can feel that things are too much and can’t possibly ever be good again, that we must count our blessings, literally.  Practicing gratitude is so vital.  It reminds us to stop for a minute, take stock and realise that even if we can only count 3 things that morning, it is still 3 things we have that we are grateful for, it is 3 things that we can focus on to bring us memories and feelings of joy and happiness, it is 3 things that we have that we can look forward to seeing or doing or experiencing.  It forces our attention away from negative thoughts and feelings and so changes the vibrational frequency of our thoughts.  What people don’t realise is the effect our vibrational frequencies have on us, for just like a magnet attracting the opposite pole of another magnet, our vibrational frequencies attract more of the same vibrational frequencies to us.  If we only focus on negative aspects our vibrational frequency lowers and that is what we attract back, if we raise it using gratitude practices, physical exercise, Reiki and meditation then we will attract more of those higher vibrational frequency things to us, such as happiness, joy, euphoria, contentment. 

Metaphysical explanations aside, counting our blessings also allows us as humans to grow our skills of empathy, sympathy and compassion.

When the pandemic first hit the UK there was a great swell of national pride in our NHS and Key Workers, we were going to overcome this, and we were going to proudly show that we love our emergency workers and health workers by clapping on our doorsteps and displaying our rainbows.  Sadly, perhaps inevitably, this waned and in its place there has been left a feeling of anxiety, upset, anger and frustration.  There is still a massive sense of community and charity, we still love our healthcare workers and key workers, but national patience is wearing thin and with that comes the inevitable nastiness and selfishness shown by many. 

Recently, with the second wave of the pandemic fully underway here in the UK, I have been saddened to see the “War Spirit” that us Brits are so famous seem to disappear.  In its place a sour, angry, self-preserving mindset seeps through the internet forums, social media platforms and news media outlets.  No matter what you may try to read or watch this seems inescapable.  We turn to the internet and social media for a pick-me-up, only to find ourselves feeling worse than ever.  It is now, when we are all feeling vulnerable in terms of moral, that we need to bring this “War Spirit” back, take control of our own happiness and reconnect with our compassion and sense of community.

I hope that with the new year comes a renewed sense of optimism.  I certainly will be going in to 2021 with new hopes for the business and our personal lives.  Pandemic or not, we are alive, and I am determined to make the most of what we can do. 

I am creating some new content for the Tarot resources section and am hoping to create some video content around “what is Reiki” to go on to the Blog and YouTube channel, but please feel free to put any suggestions around what you would like to see in the comments!

It is my sincerest hope that you all stay safe, healthy and happy and that you all have a fantastic 2021.  With the new year comes new opportunities and the ability for a fresh start.  I hope that any difficulties you have experienced this year are overcome, and I hope any hurt you have experienced starts to heal.

Best wishes


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