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5 Tips to bring Tarot into your daily life

Hi Everyone,

First, let me say welcome to my first blog post!  Slightly scary, but I’ve been thinking about it for long enough now that I need to take the plunge!  So, let’s get in to how we can bring Tarot into our daily lives.

Tarot isn’t just one of those things you do every so often when you have a huge burning question or life event coming up.  It can be used in so many different ways to enhance your life.  Some great ways to do this are:

Daily Check In – One way to use Tarot daily is by using it to check in on ourselves.  We can draw a card in the morning using an intention such as “what energy do I need to bring into my life today?” or “what experience may I have today?”.  It’s certainly a lovely way to start your day!

Self-development – Tarot is a fantastic tool for some self-development or self-healing.  To do this you just need to allocate yourself some quiet time where you won’t be disturbed, your cards, and whatever accessories you like to have with you when you read for yourself.  Once you are ready and in the right space you can choose a relevant spread and get to work!  One I like to do is the Release and Let Go spread from the wonderful Biddy Tarot site, (  This one is a great one for really getting rid of some of the baggage you are carrying.

Meditation – Meditation has really become part of the mainstream these days and with an increased focus on our mental health as well as our physical health the benefits of meditation are great.  You can always select a card to meditate on.  All you need is some quiet time where you won’t be interrupted, your cards and a comfortable place to sit or lay down.  Select your card, absorb the imagery of the card and then when you are ready close your eyes and start meditating on it.  Consider the symbols in the card, what are you drawn to, how does the card make you feel, why does it make you feel that way, can you remember a time where you embodied that card in your life?  Note how you feel and what you experience and see during your meditation afterward so you can go back to it to uncover some information given to you by your subconscious.

Decisions – We all make so many decisions on a daily basis we hardly even remember when we are doing it!  Sometimes though we really do have to make some hard ones.  Using Tarot to explore what we may expect if we choose option A, B or C can certainly help shed some light on the way we want to proceed. 

Daily Gratitude – At the end of a long day which has been a little tough it’s important to be grateful for the one thing, or many things, that made us smile during it.  Using Tarot we can select our card and examine it to see what energies we experienced within that card today that we need to be grateful for.  Remember, even the negative experiences hold positive aspects such as learning from our mistakes.

Try to bring Tarot into your daily routine using one of the methods above!  I hope that you find it as enriching as I do.

Love and light to you all!


Owner of Capricorn Tarot

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  1. Dani / Rideau River Tarot

    Congratulations on your first blog post! I remember how exciting it was to get those first comments (I started a parenting blog 15 years ago and still keep it up) so I always like to post one to say hello and good luck. 🙂

    • admin

      Thank you Dani! That’s really heartening to hear that you are still running your parenting one all these years later 😊. Thank you for the moral support! All the best, Kirsty.

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