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I’m Kirsty, a Tarot Reader from Kent. 

My mission is to empower my clients to take control of their situation by coaching them to take action as guided by the cards.

Using tarot I am able to provide guidance and coaching to my clients so when our session is finished they feel empowered to take the necessary steps to achieve the outcomes they desire.

Tarot is a fantastic tool that can reveal our fears, hopes, external influences and more. With this knowledge we are able to make decisions which will positively impact our lives, allowing us to move towards our desires.

I believe tarot can help to guide us through situations that we experience.  I don’t believe that our futures are set in stone.  I believe that our free will allows us to change our futures with every decision and action we take.  This means we are active drivers in our life rather than passengers.

I use different tarot spreads depending on the type of question(s) asked so that I can deliver the most in-depth tarot reading I can. I also use a variety of crystals when I read which can assist in amplifying my connection with my intuition as well as the energy required of the question.

I follow a strict code of ethics to ensure that you as a client are respected and I as a reader am protected. I will not knowingly provide a tarot reading for those under 18 years of age and if I feel that you need professional assistance with an issue I will recommend you see a professional who can assist you properly, for example a legal representative, medical professional or financial professional, (I do not recommend specific people/companies).

I’m a Certified Biddy Tarot Reader, member of The Spiritual Workers Association, the Tarot Association of the British Isles and The National Tarot Readers Association, you will see on these sites that I am listed as a Tarot Reader in their directories. I also hold public liability insurance.

If you are ready to book your tarot reading, please click on the link below.